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Promoting Great Football Players in Nebraska and Finding the Next High School Standouts

Who's Next?

NENextt is the side site of which has provided high school wrestling analysis in Nebraska since 1999. Email to send information or questions. Follow on Twitter @NENextt

Many college coaches are now using this information for recruiting purposes and NENextt is happy to provide this valuable resource. We focus largely on evaluation of the 8th/9th grade classes but promote all levels of the sport in the state and region. Recruiting happens at an earlier age than ever before and identifying potential next-level prospects as soon as possible is critical for colleges.

Followed by coaches from the University of Nebraska, Notre Dame, Chadron, South Dakota State, South Dakota, Morningside, Northern Iowa, Eastern Illinois, Northern Illinois, Iowa Western, Simpson, Midland and Bethel, among others. Not affiliated with any colleges or universities or other entities.

2018 NENextt Nebraska Super State 9th Grade

Super State Freshmen 2018